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Sadly there was another Puppy Mill Auction in southwest Missouri and listed were three Lakeland Terriers. Although there are auctions every 2 weeks or so, we have not seen any Terriers posted in a very long time. They are not the breed of choice for puppy mill operations – not all that popular, do not cooperate, escape risks, cannot put multiples in the same cage and will fight with the other dogs. Dogs who are prisoners of greed for puppy mill operations, commercial and back yard breeders have to endure horrific conditions, no human interaction and little to no food. These auctions are attended by mostly other breeders and Amish looking to add to their stock and also rescues either through a bidding rep or under cover. Their torture will continue should they go to another breeder and the lucky ones are those that are Rescued.
WFTRM was successful in their bids for the three Lakeland Terriers. They are all small and adorable and looking forward to their new adventures. Their first stop was Kansas City (Thank You Bill & Dona). Lacie moved on to Iowa (Thanks to Larry and Debra) and Gwen and Scotch moved on to Chicago with a stopover in St. Louis (Thanks to Dona, MaryAnn and Jack, Jim and Linda, Chris and Susan). All three have never seen a bath or haircut and are pretty stinky. The matts are close to the skin in the facial area and legs. You can tell that large hunks and dreadlocks were cut off them randomly prior to the auction. They are so deserving of a better life and receive affection, one of a cherished and loved pet.
Lacie was born
June 7, 2007 as
Albinka's Red Lady.
She was apparently
born and imported
into the USA. Her pedigree (Sire and Dam) have Russian, Polish and Spanish Champions. How she ended up in a Puppy Mill in Missouri we will never know but what we do know is that we are thrilled she is going to be allowed to be pampered, loved and spoiled from Saturday forward. She is very social, happy and does the most adorable Lakie prance ever and loves being free and races around the yard. It is just amazing how comfortable she is in the house, on the grooming table and coming in and out of doors. She walks like a pro on a leash - all very unusual traits for a Puppy Mill dog. I think some of her old training stayed with her. She is amazing with all the other dogs and is so tiny at 16 pounds. Lacie has a beautiful Red Grizzle color. She went to Avenue of the Saints Hospital and sadly Lacie tested positive for Heartworms and she has since been staged at a 3. This means her heart is enlarged and will need to undergo 3 treatments at 30 days apart. She has just received her first treatment and is resting under observation at the animal hospital. She is such a sweet and loving girl to finally be rescued and must overcome another hurdle in life.
Gwen was born July 29, 2013. Her mom is Lacie and her dad was Foxcreek’s Golden Rojo. She as well as Scotch have the European Pedigree with champions from Spain, Poland and Germany. Gwen is a tiny little darling and weighs only 10.2 pounds. She has the cutest smile and prances and jumps around and even play bows. She loves to be chased and is very alert on her surroundings and all that is going on around her. She is cautious and shy at first but does warm up once she feels safe and gets to know you. If she sees another dog getting petting or attention - she comes wanting in on some of that loving too. Gwen went to Midwest Animal Hospital and received her vaccinations, blood work, canine influenza vaccinations, 4dx heartworm test which was negative. She has had her full dental cleaning which she had a good report and no extractions and her spay surgery which was more complicated but she did fine. She is healthy and happy now. Gwen is darling little girl with a big terrier personality. She loves to follow and be with the other dogs, the people and just part of the adventure. Her coat was not in good condition on arrival and was apparent the puppy mill chopped off large matts and dreadlocks prior to the auction. Gwen’s coat is staring to grow back and is just gorgeous. Even the brown fuzz on her rubbed nose is coming back. She is a fun, full of life little pocket size Lakie girl who will need a home with a fenced yard, someone home a lot and willing to be patient with a puppy mill dog. Gwen has taken over Freckles bed and is smitten with him. She butt bumps him and play bows and the two run around the house. She would do best with another dog who will be gentle with her and to follow and show them the ropes and offer comfort. Gwen is a special little Lakie gift.
Scotch was born August 16, 2013 and is 3 years old. His
mom was Foxcreek’s Razzle Dazzle’n Lady and sire was
 Foxcreek’s Wildwood Red Night Flamin. His given name
was Flamin Hot Pistol. Lacie and her dad was Foxcreek’s Golden Rojo. He also has the European Pedigree with champions from Spain, Poland and Germany. Scotch is just a little doll – he is gorgeous, striking and has the cutest disposition. He weighs 14.6 pounds and has the best conformation and coat. He looks at you with his innocent face and you want to scoop him up and hug him forever. Scotch loves toys, little rubber squeaks he took to immediately. He also likes to take some of his food, put it in his blanket and bury it with his nose. He is a character and just a joy to watch prance and play. Gwen and Scotch went to the animal hospital for testing, bloodwork, vaccinations, spay surgery and a dental. His lower canine is cracked off with pulp exposed and his ears need a deep clean while under. They are both thankfully heartworm negative. Scotch was very good for his grooming considering all the snarls and matts. His coat is stunning and is so amazing to touch. He loves massages and almost falls asleep when working on the head and ears. Scotch seems to have a prey drive, his tail buzzed full speed at the sight of a cat. And when Zazoo gifted Scotch with his talking cat – he was delighted and obsessed with him. He is just a darling Lakie boy who will steal your heart. He will need a home with a fenced yard, someone home a lot and willing to work with a puppy mill dog training, guiding and with patience and love. They do best with another dog to follow and show them the ropes and offer comfort. He did well in the car and warms up quick but freezes on a leash. Scotch is a quick learner, wants to be a pet and move on with his life and will make the most awesome companion.
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Puppy Mill Rescues are extremely expensive endeavors. They never receive vet care, must live in deplorable conditions and the auction prices are driven up by other mill breeders. The auction cost alone was 2K and now with surgeries, procedures and a 9 year old with Stage 3 Heartworm. If you would like to help our Lakeland Puppy Mill Rescue please use the special Paypal link below.
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I was on the big bed with everybody watching The Voice
I like to lounge in Freckles big doggie