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where we will feature our current adoption news and going home pictures. This page will change often with our most recently Rescued Wire Fox Terriers finding their perfect Forever Homes. We would love to showcase all of our success stories but this page would never end and we would love for you to get a chance to visit all the other pages of our Website.
Abracadabra . . . Watch the magic occur when you give a rescue comfort and love. WFTRM is very fortunate to have a dedicated group who sacrifice their time, home, transport assistance and help to make the magic happen.
I am happy to announce my two beautiful Foxy kids were placed in a wonderful home together. Miley and Burke also known as Candy and Cupid, rescued on Valentine's Day, have left me. I never cease to be impressed and amazed at the remarkable people and loving homes available for our Foster kids. Cathy from Winter Park, FL is one of those awesome people. She committed to adopting these two adorable dogs and she certainly went the extra Miles to make that happen.Flight to Minneapolis, trip to Dumont and back to the Cities, overnight stay and early morning flight non stop to Atlanta from Minneapolis-St. Paul MN. Than and 8 hour drive home from GA to FL. There were no non-stop flights for her and the dogs together out of Minneapolis to Orlando FL so she needed to find and alternate route and she did. Miley and Burke have been perfect traveling companions and Motel Guests. This speaks Volumes to the training,care and love they had here with me. They came from a Backyard Breeder and had not lived in a home before. They did so well here, learned many new things and left me confident, happy, wonderful Wires. I have to admit I would love to have kept them. They are awesome dogs. Meeting Cathy in person was an instant connection. I am so impressed with her, liked her right away and as you can see from the pictures Miley and Burke felt the same way. They gave her endless kisses, jumped for joy and brought her toys to play with them. I see my lovely little Lakie Lacie photo Bombed the pictures, she loved Cathy too. Lacie just followed her around looking at her. Cathy has had 3 Fox Terriers and she is hooked on the breed. She works 3 days a week, and takes her kids to doggie daycare or a pet sitter comes in on the days she is gone. Sadly Cathy lost her last Fox Terrier in November and her house has been too quiet. She loves the happy energy of Foxies, smiles they bring to your face and exercise they require. I know Miley and Burke will fill her life and home with Love and Foxy energy. Cathy is a perfect home for them. Her 3 adult children are anxious to get home to visit and meet the new family members. Happy adoption !! full of Hope and certainty of a bright happy future for these two. Congratulations Cathy, Miley and Burke!
Simon Says Thank You WFTRM for helping me find a new Forever Home. Simon was so excited when Lynne and Larry arrived in Iowa on Sat. He seemed to know they had come for him. Perhaps the preparation or my own vibes but the foster dogs all know when their new family arrives. Simon greeted them at the door with lots of kisses. He showed them his cute "Pants dance" and Sit command for a treat. He wouldn't allow Cooper to get any where near them so we let Simon be the Star and just have all the attention. Simon was surrendered with a lot of Gear. His belongings were packed up first, then off he went happy, excited and ready for his new life in Chicago area. Simon is their 4th Wire so they understand Foxies. He will enjoy a family who is home most of the time, fenced yard to explore but most important to Simon he will be the only dog and can just hang out with his people. Simon loves a lap or just snuggling by your feet. Live Well Simon we enjoyed your visit with us and certain you have found that perfect home for you. Happy Tails Simon!
The handsome prancing Lakeland boy Scotch celebrated his Adoption Day and was on his way to a wonderful new life. Leaving his puppy mill past behind and on to being pampered and loved and treated as a family member. Fred and Jane drove to Chicago from Fredrick, Maryland to meet and greet their new love Scotch. They originated from an area in England where Lakies are quite the love of the land and this boy just stole their hearts. Fred put the pedal to the metal in their Mini Cooper and arrived in record time. He got right on the floor and gave Scotch a warm hug and rubbing. Scotch immediately took to the both of them and he knew they had come just for him. Along for the ride and to meet his brother was Chumley who they adopted from me years ago. He is quite the character and has been featured in our Calendar several times already. He is easy going and was looking forward to having a buddy. Scotch had the biggest bag of toys that needed to be loaded as well as blankets and goodies. They made it home to Maryland and things are going so swell. Scotch has learned to walk on a leash thanks to following his pal Chumley. He once froze when putting on a harness or leash and now trotting along like a champ. He sleeps on the bed, rests his head on Chum and is very content with his forever home. Everyone in the neighborhood and town are so smitten with Chumley, now there will be two boys in town that will be turning heads. I am sure we will be seeing Scotch in one of our future Calendars! Congratulations Scotch, Fred, Jane & Chumley!