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where we will feature our current adoption news and going home pictures. This page will change often with our most recently Rescued Wire Fox Terriers finding their perfect Forever Homes. We would love to showcase all of our success stories but this page would never end and we would love for you to get a chance to visit all the other pages of our Website.
Abracadabra . . . Watch the magic occur when you give a rescue comfort and love. WFTRM is very fortunate to have a dedicated group who sacrifice their time, home, transport assistance and help to make the magic happen.
Another Happy Tail of a New Beginning. This one is special because Charlie is such an awesome boy. Charlie Aka Curly came to me from an Animal Control in Las Vegas. His owner's family gave him up when he passed away. He is an older dog with a heart murmur and had 3 masses so not an easy placement. I addressed all his vet needs and he turned out to be a very healthy boy who mostly needed some TLC and a good vet. I am so happy we found Curly. Charlie was also a mix with the biggest beautiful melt your heart brown eyes. Sweetest dog on the planet with the cutest personality ever. I would have kept this guy without hesitation and enjoyed him everyday however another lady could see what I saw. Charlie was adopted when Melanie checked out the website. She fell in love just as everyone who met Charlie did. This guy is a charmer and perfect companion. Melanie is retired, loves to take long walks, garden in her beautiful fenced yard, has a 12 year old Grandson who visits often, loves her dogs this is just the kind of home Charlie needs so after home visit and a couple of phone calls Melanie decided Charlie is the One. He sounded perfect, just what she needed too. This is when I know we have a Perfect match. Melanie, her daughter and Grandson all came to Iowa and the rest is History. Curly aka Charlie has a wonderful home. He is happy, loved and will never have to end up in a shelter again. He is living the good life. Thanks to our friend and helper Katherine for making the trip to Las Vegas to bring Charlie home. Rusty LaFrance for picking him up from the shelter, Larry Livengood for transport and home visit and of course our Stacie who also helped with transport. It took a village but just look at those happy faces and the before and after shot. I say it's worth it All! Live well "Chardie" I will always love you.
Lily aka Skittles was adopted by a wonderful couple in Charlotte,NC. Andrea and Shawn have had Welsh and Wires Miss Lily is the second Foxy to share their life. They have had her for a week now and couldn't be happier. She is a perfect girl just as I assured them she would be. Skittles is so easy to love. She is fitting in well in her new home with several walks every day, trips to weekend parties and goes along whenever possible. Her new mom and dad work from home while she explores and plays in a beautiful secure yard. She has all the toys a girl could want. :-) Lily is her new name and it seems to fit perfectly too. I couldn't be happier for this baby she has come a long long way from her humble beginnings as an unwanted dog in Joplin MO.Lily doesnt think she is a dog at all after all she is a Princess. Yes Rescue Works Thanks everyone who helps make it happen
I am very happy to announce that my sweet little Lakie Lacie has found a wonderful home. Lacie was one of the 3 Lakies purchased from the Auction in MO. The other 2 were fostered in Chicago. We discovered Lacie tested positive for Heartworm and unfortunately she had a heavy load. She required a slower kill method of one injection of Immiticide and a 30 day wait before having the final 2 injections and another 30 day wait before she could have her vaccinations , Dental and Spay so she was with me for a long time. She and I became good friends.I miss her sweet face and gentle kiss on my hand. Lacie mothered Patrick the pup I fostered. She was such a gentle loving girl I think she thought maybe Patrick was one of the Multitude of babies she produced for greedy breeders in her 9 years of life. She finally was able to love and enjoy a baby and she did love Patrick. I really enjoyed watching her with him. She would wrestle, play, discipline if he needed it. She shared her food, washed him and they snuggled together every night in her little bed. Happy-sad Puppy Mill dogs are an emotional roller coaster. It is such an amazing experience to earn the trust of a former puppy mill girl. I couldn't be happier with her new owners Cindi Foster, Alan and of course Bebe. Bebe also had a miserable life as a breeding dog in GA so he and Miss Lacie are a perfect match.Cindi adopted him last year. Cindi and Alan do a remarkable job working with as Cindi puts it Soft dogs, dogs who need extra attention, patience, love and a gentle push from their comfort zone. Lacie is timid and Passive but I know Cindi will have her turned around in no time just as she did Bebe. Bebe means Beautiful Boy and he certainly is. Congratulations Lacie on landing a fabulous perfect for you home. I know I will hear about all your adventures Cindi is so good at sharing her adopted fur kids with me. I am beyond thrilled for my girl. Thanks Cindi so much for all your support and for adopting 3 Wire Fox from me over the years. Live Well and Enjoy your new life Lacie I will always love you!
Baby Patrick has a home. He had many wonderful applicants. Placing a puppy is very difficult especially when there is only one. Patrick has a new name his mom's call him Finn. Tina and Mary live in Crofton, MD and have owned many Wire Fox and Lakeland Terriers over the years. Jaxx and Stella passed away Stella in 12-10-16 and Jaxx 3-3-17. They have a large home with a beautiful fenced yard and it seemed very empty. They worked very hard to convince me they would love little Patrick and give him an amazing life. I am certain they will and in time perhaps they will adopt a sister for him. They enjoy 2 dogs but mean while their neighborhood has plenty of playtime buddies for him to stay canine social. He does love other dogs of all ages and size. Patrick is a sturdy boy, fearless, outgoing, social and so ready to begin his new life. He will be missed here in Iowa. Lacie took such good care of him, a surrogate mom. Mary and Tina drove to Iowa and made it a fun mini vacation. Poor Mary had broken her knee so she couldn't help drive but was determined to get to Iowa to bring this little boy home. Sounds like they had a fun trip. Patrick traveled so well . We bought him a Snoozer car seat for the trip home and he loved it. Tina said he behaved like a seasoned traveler. Wire Fox are so adaptable and ready for a new adventure. Mary has just retired so the three of them plan to make many fun trips and adventures now. I think Patrick aka Finn will have an amazing life. Thanks for adopting, making the trip to Iowa. Thank You Marcia for doing our home visit. Hope you can go back and meet this guy. Have a great life" Baby Boy" I will always love you too. The pictures tell the Story of Love they have for this little guy He is in Good Hands
Toby has a home! He was adopted and moved to Chicago Last Saturday. Toby was my anxious little guy who was running stray in the Springfield MO area. Covered in fleas and ticks I think he might have had some difficult times before he arrived. Toby learned to love it here and was ready to move on to a forever home Alex, Kristin and Nick came to meet Toby, and immediately knew he would be the one. Toby was unsure at first then went over and sat on Kristin's foot which a sure sign of ownership. The Gora family has adopted from WFTRM before and lost their beloved Kirby a few months ago. Toby is their 3rd Foxy. He will enjoy a wonderful life. Nick has plans to take long walks and Bond with Toby. He also liked Charlie and Leo I think Nick is a dog person they all liked him too. They all miss Kirby but are certain Toby will fill their home with Foxy antics again. Toby is an awesome boy He was really coming out of his shell even playing with Leo. We miss him and hope for updates and pictures over the years. Big Thanks to Christie Hart Hanson for picking Toby up and starting him on his journey to Rescue.
Mother's Day turned out to be a very special day for a family in Beverly, MA.and our awesome Frenchman Bob. Today Bob was adopted !!! He has a family :-) Lauri, Nick with their 3 teenagers Chloie, Maggie and Augie. WFTRM along with help from Irish Rescue and a large group of volunteers brought Bob to the USA on 12-21-16 from Lyons France. He has been in an awesome foster home with Joe Phillips and his Irish Terriers. Fostered, loved, worked with and integrated into Joe's pack as though it were his own. This is just what Bob needed after spending a year in a shelter, blind without much human contact or training. He is like a New dog now and he has won hearts every where he has gone.The Johnson Family has a long history of Terriers, Lakeland and Irish so they will know how to deal with a terrier. Lauri is creating a Blog all about Bob's adventures so we will be able to follow our guy as he learns how it feels to have a home of his own. This was an extraordinary rescue for an exceptional dog who really needed our help. Months and months of planning and a true village of awesome people who love dogs made it possible. This brings tears of Joy as the Rescue of Bob ends and his New Life begins. Thanks is a small word for all that so many have given. Special HUGS for Joe. Bob will never forget you. I know he is going to miss his foster boy.