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Bart is an amazing,
Handsome Wire boy
only 17 months old.
He belonged to a show
breeder and has had
wonderful care. Bart
belonged to one of
those Breeders who really cares about his dogs. He put a lot of time and effort into looking for a perfect home for Bart. He reached out to WFTRM because he knew he could trust us to place Bart with care and find that perfect home. Bart did live with a Male Airedale and Schnauzer, but ended up in a battle over who was leader. Eventually the problem escalated to the point of trips to the vet for the Airedale size doesn't matter to Bart. He is the leader. Bart then spent 3 weeks living with a professional Trainer to see if the alpha issues could be trained out of him. The trainer decided Bart is an extremely intelligent fellow who needs to live in an only dog home, preferably with an experienced owner. No children or other pets. This isn't uncommon for our Foxies. Many of them do best as an only dog. Bart is very social and loving with humans. He loves to be the center of attention and will show off and strut his stuff. He is a perfect gentleman and knows how to work a crowd. He gives gentle kisses, loves to be cuddled and talked to. He loves toys and grabs them shaking and tossing he looks like a bucking bronco. He enjoys a game of fetch and is learning the Leave it command if he wants the game to continue. He figured out how to lift the lid on a cooler to get out the ice. Apparently Bart likes Ice too and this guy knows how to find a way to get what he wants. He is super intelligent.
Heartworm Tested 4DX
On HW Preventative
On Flea & Tick
Rabies Vaccination
Distemper Vaccination
Bordatella Vaccination
Micro Chipped
Meet little Miss Mitzy our
latest Foxy Girl who
joined WFTRM all the
way from Texas. Mitzy
celebrated her 1st birthday
June 2nd here in Iowa
with her Foxy friends.
Mitzy was surrendered to a shelter, can't imagine why, I can only say it wasn't her fault. She is a perfect petite 15 pound Wire princess. She is a delight. Loves her toys, walks, plays tug and chases balls. Loves to play in water either a kiddie pool, fountains, or large water bowl. Mitz seemed to enjoy her spa day Girls do like to look their best. She gets along fine with the Wire boys here but she is bossy. She and Rayna were not BFF both loved the boys but not each other. Mitzy is like most wire girls she isn't into sharing people or toys. She loves my lap but if another dog comes walking up Mitzy growls and lets them know she owns her space. She has been spayed, micro chipped, vaccinations, Heartworm tested 4dx neg., fecal, blood panel and has been declared a healthy Foxy girl ready to move into a forever home. Mitzy would do fine with male play dates but she is happiest ruling her kingdom as an only Princess. Mitzy loves to rough house, get dirty and dig holes, race laps around a fenced yard. Her favorite place to lounge is on her cot outside with the furry throw. She snuggles in, snoozes and will not move until she is ready. Mitzy is all ready to find that perfect Palace where she can live happily ever after with a family who loves her.

Heartworm Tested 4DX
On HW Preventative
On Flea & Tick
Current on Vaccinations for Age
Micro Chipped
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Bart is a real head turner and has a beautiful hand stripped, dense wire coat and is just really a stunning boy with a big black saddle and an absolutely handsome face. He is a very active, high energy and comical young boy who will require lots of exercise in a fenced in yard. He is well mannered inside and out and settles in when it is cuddle time. He thrives on positive feedback and loves to receive praise. Bart has been neutered, vaccinations are all current, on Heartworm prevention, Micro chipped, crate trained, house trained and in Excellent health. Bart is the answer to someone's Dream if they are looking for a Handsome, well bred, intelligent companion. He is still a baby at 17 months. Bart needs a committed owner who will bond with him and show him firm consistent training with a gentle touch. Bart is in a foster home in North Carolina and waiting for that Special family to give him a forever home as the one and only canine in his home.
Look at Me All Wooly!