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Meet our Putter, rescued
from a Shelter in Arkansas.
He was found stray on a
golf course of all places.
He has quite a ball fetish
so perhaps that could have
something to do with his
location. He is about 4
years old, weighs 16
pounds but needs to gain some weight. Putter walks nice on a leash, rides well in a car. He is house
trained and fine in a crate. Putter is a social butterfly - everyone who meets him loves him. He runs to greet people with a lively step and big smile. He is a happy jovial little guy who is content on your lap or playing ball. He is always ready for a cookie. Putter does fine with other dogs especially the girls. He will put up with bossy girls and just go on about his business. He is really small fry but is super fast. He needs a secure fenced yard to run and play in but he really enjoys being inside. He can do the cutest little dance for a treat. He is well mannered in the house but will require play time and exercise. He is doing well here and we love him but he is ready to have a "Forever Home" of his own. Putter will be a welcome addition and loving companion to some very lucky family.
4 DX Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Rabies Vaccination
Distemper Vaccination
Bordatella Vaccination
Fecal Checked
Ears Cleaned
Micro Chipped
Please submit an Application so we may be able to answer any questions regarding a Rescue Wire Fox.
Email Application to
Please submit an Application so we may be able to answer any questions regarding a Rescue Wire Fox.
Let the fun begin . . . Phoebe has arrived. She is a comical, bubbly Welsh Terrier girl who is around 1 year old with loving qualities and typical terrier traits thrown in to keep you on your toes. Phoebe is very curious, playful and also a cuddler. She will hop on your lap and sit on your chest or curl up on the couch beside you. Zoom Zoom it is in the big fenced yard and having a toy in your mouth is even better. Phoebe is a true window shopper . . . sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window and loves car rides sitting high up in a doggie booster and a window seat. Bouncing right alongside of you with her happy go lucky attitude is where Phoebe wants to be. She is not a fan of being left alone and will cry and howl. Her undocked tail whooshes and dances when she meets new people always giving a hand lick hello. Phoebe is friendly with most dogs and the more swirls her tail does – the more she likes them. She is a young terrier who can get wound up and needs to be reminded that mouthing hands and arms is not a game. But she is also a smart Welsh Terrier and knows sits, the meaning of no and can also open the patio door. Toys are terrific and treats too and she is pretty obedient but has been caught swiping a bobble head alligator off the dresser and chewing on my computer chair leg. Phoebe is a doll and just a delight and sadly was bounced to at least three homes in her short life by owner who did not want her. The last owner took fairly good care of her but she was too rough with her little 7 pound dogs and thus the reason for her placing a classified ad looking for a new home for Phoebe. She is a healthy, adorable and a girl who puts a smile on your face and lifts your spirits. A physically fenced yard is a requirement for this special girl as well as someone home more often than not and no small children. Phoebe’s next home will be her Forever Home and they will be so very blessed to have such a wonderful Welsh.
Email Application to
Heartworm Tested
on HW Preventative
On Vectra
Rabies Vaccination
Fecal Checked
Ears Cleaned
Micro Chipped
Putter was seen at Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital on September 2, 2014 for an unusual gait in his rear. An extended view radiograph was taken of the rear legs. It was noted that the right patella was luxated. On palpation the patella (knee cap) was fixed over the medial condyle versus on the side of the condyle which is more commonly the case. The nature of this lesion leads us to believe that it was a traumatic injury that caused the patella to luxate and not a congenital defect. Surgery is recommended to improve the mobility of the leg. Prognosis for recovery and improved mobility is good.
Watson has arrived at WFTRM and just in the nick of time. He was pulled from a Texas shelter the morning he was to be euthanized. He flew under the radar we supposed because he was posted as a poodle but it was clear to us that he was a Wire Fox Terrier who was just in desperate need of some TLC and deserved to be loved. Watson has now landed in Oklahoma City where he will be vetted and have a very comfortable stay in his foster home with Katherine before heading to either Iowa or Chicago. He made his way thanks to his namesake . . . pilot John Watson with Pilots n Paws who flew him to OKC. And as you can tell by Watson's face, he is overjoyed to be rescued and get a plane ride to his foster home. Watson is around 4 years old and will be neutered, have two growths removed while under for his surgery and get all his vaccinations, tests and any medications needed. Stay tuned for updates and more pictures on Watson.
Putter had a very successful surgery to repair his knee on September 16, 2014. When he returned to the vet to have his staples removed, she was happy with the progress. He can walk on the leg when he wants to, no swelling and good range of motion. He still picks it up if he is in a hurry. Putter seems to be pain free now and I am to begin taking him for walks short walks at first then add distance as we go. Walking on a leash forces him to use the leg more. I have ceramic tile floors and he knows they are slippery so I have put several long runners all over the kitchen and dining room and he can go from rug to rug. Putter seems so happy these days I know he feels better. He is still smiling.