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Sweet little orphan Annie . . .
well maybe not so little but
she was left homeless with
nowhere to go. Annie is a
friendly and social Wire Fox
girl who wags her nub tail at
everyone she sees. She has
a stay calm and carry on attitude with a loving personality. She leans on the independent side but truly loves her humans and being in their company. Annie was born September 20, 2002 which surprises most people when told. She has a heartwarming sense of humor and likes to hide behind curtains and when you look for her, peeks her head out and smiles. She is spunky, inquisitive, comical and caring and has all the glorious Wire Fox traits we love so much. Annie is well mannered, nice on the leash and in the car and loves meeting and greeting new people and making new friends. She is indifferent to other dogs while out and about and laid back but in the home she prefers her family all her own. How could a sweet Wire Fox girl be an orphan? Her story begins with a family in a rural area of the Midwest. After both owners died, they left behind an adult daughter who was mentally challenged and Annie continued to live with her and various caregivers that would come and go. The daughter then became ill and in the hospital and not returning and Annie was left all alone. Her care was compromised over the years, her skin needs some tending, her teeth badly in need of a cleaning, her right ear infected, and she had a large lipoma on her rear right leg. She was also accustomed to eating table scraps and out of the garbage which is now not an option. Annie has had her full dental cleaning and the removal of the fatty lump on her leg and all went very well. Her blood work and all tests came back normal and she is a healthy, happy girl who simply needs a diet change. She is a true Wire Fox girl who will keep you smiling and keep you young and active. Senior Wires need love and affection and deserve a home in their special years too so please do not pass up the opportunity to experience what rescue is all about.

Heartworm Tested
on HW Preventative
Rabies Vaccination
Fecal Checked
Full Blood Work Panel
Ear Cleaning/Cytology
Thyroid Test
Full Dental Cleaning
Tumor Removal
Micro Chipped
Heartworm Tested
On HW preventative
Rabies Vaccination
Fecal Checked
Full Blood Work Panel
Full Dental Cleaning
Ear Cleaning
Micro Chipped
Peanut came to Rescue from
a shelter in TN. He was
surrendered because his family
moved. Their loss. He is an
awesome guy. Peanut came to
the shelter Heartworm positive,
had lived outside his entire life. He has been treated and all of his Depressing Past is behind him. He is ready to find the right family this time a Forever Home with a family who understands Terriers and isn't worried about normal Terrier attitudes. His name has always been Peanut, it's an odd name for a Wire Fox Terrier Mixed with Otterhound, who stands 23 inches tall and weighs 45 pounds but it is the name he knows and responds too so Peanut it is. Peanut is a large dog for a Wire Fox but not a large dog by most standards. He is a Terrier at heart so he does possess most Terrier traits. He is strong willed ( Stubborn) he knows what he wants and will Talk loudly to get his point across I call this Terrier Talk. He would Not stay at home without a fenced yard or secure Lead. Peanut is a soft hearted sensitive guy who doesn't do well in a high stress, noisy environment. He like most Terriers is reactive to his environment. He is on the shy side with people until he gets to know you. Friendly but reserved I think he and the Irish Terrier share this opinion about strangers. He does have a comical silly personality, Peanut loves attention. He follows me around all day and loves to lay by feet. He appears to warm up to women quicker than men. He is a calm guy but can get stressed so he needs a very consistent schedule, patient, soft spoken but firm owner who has time to give him long walks, car rides and peaceful living. Peanut would do best in a more rural quiet setting. He Loves other dogs and is a wonderful welcome committee for all 4 legged buddies. He has recently been to obedience school and graduated with Honors. He is house trained and crate trained. He is in excellent health All vet work complete including Dental. Peanut has Very thick beautiful coat like a Wire he doesn't shed. He is a very cute guy with the biggest soft brown soulful eyes. He will win your heart and become your best friend.

Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Rabies Vaccination
Distemper Vaccination
Bordatella Vaccination
Blood Work
Ear Cleaning/Cytology
Full Dental Cleaning
Micro Chipped
Buddy has a New Look, New
attitude, all vet work done and
 is ready to find a Forever Home.
His Health is Perfect no concerns
at all. Buddy had a Fatty tumor
removed from his leg the pathology
report is back Benign Lipoma. He also had a full blood panel all normal, much needed dental, all vaccinations are up to date, fecal came back NPS. He tested Negative times 4 on the 4DX Heartworm test no Wonder he feels so great now. He is 8 years young and has energy and playful spirit to spare. Buddy is just as sweet and gentle as when he arrived in rescue on March 20th. Buddy arrived gentle, shy, Curious but apprehensive, now his life has taken off in a new direction. He is not shy any more, in fact Buddy Loves people. Buddy races to the door anxious to greet everyone. He sees a leash and we better be prepared for a walk, so he isn't disappointed. He loves to ride in the car with his Seat Belt harness on relaxes and enjoys the ride. He loves to play fetch, tug and like all Wire Boys he gives his toys a shake. He patrols the back yard checking to see if any squirrels or bunnies have ventured into his territory. He is a hunter so NO cats in his future home. Buddy has been fine with the other dogs here, seems to enjoy the companionship of the others. He has learned the signal for his humanís bedtime and promptly gets up and follows into the bedroom. He loves to snuggle in at the foot of the bed. He is well house trained and ok in a crate however he is never crated. He is fine when we leave. He and Toodles will share her BIG doggie bed every now and then he likes to snuggle with Toodles. She is our tiny, adorable Rescue Ambassador here in Iowa. Please give our Buddy Bear a chance. 8 is NOT old for a Wire Fox Terrier and Buddy is so anxious to have that loving home of his own.